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Watch: Rachel Ignotofsky on Tips for Growing Your Career as An Artist

Author and illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky shares her insights into how to grow, nourish, and protect one's artistic soul.


Meet the Art That Tells Our Beautiful, Barbaric Story Best

Kerry James Marshall is currently showing at the Met Breuer. Here’s why you should see it – and why Marshall’s work is more important than you know.


4 Ways to Use Creativity in Crazy Times

Carolyn Gregoire, author of Wired to Create, shares with Signature her steps to harness creativity to keep yourself sane in an oft-insane world.


8 Novels and Stories Inspired by Real Works of Art

From Carol Febritius's 1654 'The Goldfinch' to the works of Edward Hopper, these 8 novels and stories use real works of art as their raw material.


Marina Abramović and the Meaning of Multiculturalism

As Marina Abramović sets her memoir, Walk Through Walls, off into the world, we’re stepping back to take a closer look at the significance of the artist.


Let It Flow: 10 of the Best Books on Creativity

Our picks for the 10 best books on creativity range from interviews and memoirs to guides and studies. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do.