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Beautiful Resistance: Why Protest in All Art Matters

Missing those good, old-fashioned protest songs? There is more protest in art now than you might realize – and thankfully so.


We Will Never Tire of Obsessing Over Georgia O’Keeffe

A Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibit has provided us an excuse for diving back into the awesome life of Georgia O’Keeffe. Here are some of our favorite parts.


Women, ‘Hysteria,’ and Leonora Carrington as Cautionary Tale

Leonora Carrington was a victim of treatment for ‘hysteria’ and her newly reissued memoir can serve as a cautionary tale for all of us, still today.


Get to Know Alice Neel and the Art of Magic Social Realism

Alice Neel, dead since 1984, is as relevant as ever – not least of all due to her brand of magic social realism. So get to know her now.


Marcus du Sautoy on His Dream for an Integrated Education System

Author and Professor Marcus du Sautoy shares his views on what's wrong with our education system, and imagines the benefits to a more holistic approach.


Celebrate Poetry Month: 28 Breathtaking Poetry Books to Read Now

In honor of the art form, we're serving up a list of poets whose work offers a marriage of ideas and the exploration of language to the 2017 reader.