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By Hecate! 11 Quotes About The Power of Witches

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Either way, these authors have made a strong case for the term as a badge of strength and honor.


Willy Loman in Iran Is Still Willy Loman

Arthur Miller’s strongest play holds true to its meaning even when adapted and retold as the backdrop for the story of an Iranian couple’s marriage.


Willy Loman's Monologue in Death of a Salesman, Illustrated

To celebrate playwright Arthur Miller's birthday this week, we illustrated Willy Loman's legendary monologue in Death of a Salesman.


Lin-Manuel Miranda and SNL Envision a Kickin’ ‘Crucible’ Cast Party

Making The Crucible cool again with some help from Lin-Manuel Miranda, revisiting Henrik Ibsen, and more. It's Tuesday, a fine day for your Daily Blunt.


Arthur Miller’s Play ‘The Crucible’ Shines Light on Donald Trump

Nathan Gelgud illustrates the political and cultural relevance of Arthur Miller today, 100 years after his birth.


Birth of a Penman: Celebrating the Eternal Work of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller, whose centennial we celebrate October 17, was, if not a literal giant of the American stage, certainly a massive presence.