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12 Essential Books Celebrating Women Writers of the African Diaspora

The traditions and triumphs of Black women writers mustn't be forgotten. These books cover the rich history and promising future of the African diaspora.


Reading the Major Arcana: 22 Tarot Card-Book Pairings

We tend to find literary inspiration everywhere. Right now? We’re letting the cards of the major arcana guide our reading recommendations.


Passport to the Future: 11 Education Quotes to Inspire Endless Learning

As the start of school is upon us, keep these education quotes in your back pocket to inspire both institutional learning - and life learning.


Honoring the Internment: 15 Quotes On Our Irrational Fear of the ‘Other’

Here are 15 haunting observations from authors and social critics about mankind's irrational fear of the "other," a painful lesson we never seem to outgrow.


The Case for Freedom From Literary Racial Identification

Literature is at its best when it’s free from racial identification, leaving us free to examine the human condition. Let us explain.


Better To Speak: 11 Quotes Honoring Black Poetry Day

On Black Poetry Day, excerpts from celebrated poets who've concocted ways to inspire, humble, amuse, and terrify us anew, with just a few well-chosen words.