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Ways to Live Forever and 5 Other Young Lives with Ancient Wisdom

As 'Ways to Live Forever' lands in theaters, Signature looks at this and other movie adaptations whose adolescent protagonists exhibited wisdom well beyond their years.


Rash Behavior: Can Writerly Antics Past Predict This Year’s Oscar Shenanigans?

Screenwriters are often overlooked when it comes to potentially polarizing Oscar speeches. But not on Signature's watch.


The Secret Garden, The Book Thief and Other Works That Transcend the Definition of 'Young Adult'

Underage protagonists are showing up more and more in adult-themed adaptations.


Getting Intimate with the 2013 Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Nominees

The year in literary adaptation broke out into two distinct camps: the faithful wife and the sultry mistress.


2013 Oscar Nominations: Will Upsets and Underdogs Dominate Oscar Night?

The year 2012 may go down as the one in which Oscar went rogue.


Who Will Win the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar?

It's been a fabulous year for movies of all kinds, but we're most interested in the Best Adapted Screenplay.