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Arrowood: Behind the Books with Laura McHugh

Signature went behind the books with Laura McHugh to discuss her literary influences, her writing process, and how much of herself he puts into her fiction.


Behind the Books with Dianne Warren, Author of ‘Liberty Street’

Dianne Warren, author of Liberty Street, goes behind the books to talk about her writing routine, influential authors, and the necessity of frustration.


Behind the Books with Jesse Armstrong

We sat down with Jesse Armstrong, author of Love, Sex, and Other Foreign Policy Goals, to discuss screenwriting, politics, 'VEEP' and 'House of Cards.'


Behind the Books with Lucy Sanna, Author of The Cherry Harvest

Lucy Sanna stops by to discuss the quiet of night, the sensuality of writers from the American South, the draw of water, and the escape of a juicy novel.


‘Don’t Trust Your Comfort Zone’: Behind the Books with Monte Reel

Monte Reel discusses his literary influences, the passive act of finding a subject, the necessity of observation, and writing advice he's found particularly helpful: "Don't trust your comfort zone."


Behind the Books with Biographer Karen Abbott

Karen Abbott, author of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, tells us about her respect (and fear) of deadlines, the paralyzing prospects of switching genres, and the one frustrating thing about history: "Dead people don’t always say or do what you want them to."