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Martin Scorsese to Take On Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman

Norway’s star crime novelist has given Scorsese the go-ahead to take his novel of suspense to the silver screen.


What's the Score? Tindersticks 1, Clint Mansell 0

A new soundtrack release may also be a lesson in music appreciation.


'Easy A' Auteur, Will Gluck, Moony Eyed Over Ben Mezrich's Sex on the Moon

Easy A's Will Gluck is circling Mezrich's spectacularly cinematic true story of a NASA intern who assembles a team to help him steal moon rock and sell it on Ebay.


In an Oscar Race as Herky-jerky as This One, Predictions Are a Dangerous Game. Deal Us In.

Whatever the outcome, all these twists and turns have made this a riveting race to watch and an equally tricky one to predict. Nonetheless, after consulting our brain trust of Awards hawks, we're jumping into the game with what we feel is a rock-solid set of predictions. These could make you the shark in your office Oscar pool.


The Social Network, SNL Edition: The Battle of the 'Bergs

Mark Zuckerberg is mulling an invitation to guest on Saturday Night Live when Jesse Eisenberg, his big-screen alter ego, hosts.