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See Through Another’s Eyes: The Best 8 Biographies to Read Right Now

It's important to kick your shoes off, and try someone else's on for size. So check out this list of compelling biographies, and get reading.


The Great Nadar and Other Legendary Portrait Photographers

For stories of larger-than-life portrait photographers, like the one and only Nadar, check out these memoirs and biographies.


Eddie Izzard and Beyond: British Comedians Take Humor to the Page

Here are 5 books by and about popular British comedians, featuring world-renowned Eddie Izzard and his new memoir: Believe Me.


AJ Mendez Brooks Breaks the Mental Health Stigma

AJ Mendez Brooks, former WWE wrestler and author of Crazy Is My Superpower, discusses the importance of acknowledging mental illness and ending stigmas.


Churchill and Orwell Raise a Glass in Heaven: A Short Play on Freedom

Though Churchill and Orwell were never acquainted in their lifetimes, they finally get to know one another over a drink in the afterlife in this short play by Thomas Ricks.


5 Scandalous Biographies of Your Favorite Children’s Authors

Margaret Wise Brown, author of Goodnight Moon, collected pelts. Read these biographies to unearth the dirtiest secrets of your favorite children's authors.