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Becoming a Biographer: How to Tell Someone Else’s Life Story

James Atlas always knew he wanted to be a writer, and eventually became fascinated by biographers. Here, he shares what it was like to become one himself.


We’ll Always Love You, Henri Matisse, Fauvism Be Damned

Henri Matisse made a name for himself through his use of color – and it’s not the only reason we’re still talking about him today.


Food As More Than Sustenance: Everyone Has a Food Story to Tell

In her new book What She Ate, culinary historian Laura Shapiro makes the argument that food is worth more than just its taste: it is a part of who we are.


1984’s Winston Is No Fluke: On the Mutual Respect of Churchill and Orwell

This conversation with Thomas Ricks, the bestselling author of Churchill and Orwell, delves into a long-distance mutual admiration and more.


The Essential Ernest Hemingway from Biography to Fiction

We’re kicking off our roundup of essential Ernest Hemingway with a brand-new biography that may be the most comprehensive yet.


Biographer Sally Bedell Smith on Where Prince Charles Goes From Here

We spoke with biographer Sally Bedell Smith about her research on the royal family, her new biography of Prince Charles, and where the Prince goes from here.