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10 Fictional Characters That Are Definitely Having a Worse Day Than You

Even your very worst day is unlikely to be as bad as these characters'. These ten books will have you counting your blessings, even in dark times.


The Archetypal Cormac McCarthy Character (In One Paragraph)

Scouring Cormac McCarthy's works, we found an opening paragraph in Blood Meridian about "the kid," who's possibly the most archetypal McCarthy character.


Wild Times: The Rise of the Apocalyptic Western

What is an apocalyptic Western? And why is it suddenly so prevalent in the entertainment world? Read on to find out more.


Todd Field Lays Claim to Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins has the potential to be a beautiful film, unless someone ruins it – a fate not likely to befall it if Todd Field sees it through.


The Best Marriage Plot Ever Written? Jeffrey Eugenides Makes a Case for 'The Portrait of a Lady'

Also in the world of lit and film today: John Cusack's shout-out to his 'In Your Eyes' beginnings, first drafts of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, and wringing memories out of Hollywood veterans.


Casting the Uncastable Adaptation: Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian

Some have called McCarthy's Blood Meridian unfilmable -- but when has that ever stopped Hollywood? If they're going to do it, though, we have a few suggestions for how to do it well.