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Businesswoman Nicole Lapin on What it Means to Be a Boss Bitch

Businesswoman and author Nicole Lapin on how women can develop a boss mentality in all aspects of their lives, and her new book Boss Bitch.


Your Fears Are Fiction: A Q&A with Isaac Lidsky

We caught up with actor-turned-lawyer-turned-inspiration Isaac Lidsky to talk about how going blind offered him a richer experience of life.


Best Books of March 2017: Joan Didion to H.G. Wells

Never-before-seen writings from Joan Didion, H.G. Wells's classic manifesto The Rights of Man, rare interviews with Elton John, and more. 


3 Recent Brain Discoveries That Shape ‘Peak Performance’

Friederike Fabritius and Hans W. Hagemann, authors of The Leading Brain, share some recent fascinating findings about the brain.


Listen: Jon Acuff on How to Take Charge of Your Career

Jon Acuff joined us on Beaks and Geeks to discuss his foolproof formula to owning your career: Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle = Success.


The Draining Boss: Tricks to Avoid a Few Workplace Black Holes

Here's a tip for the new year: Start to clearly define workplace black holes so that come 2017 you can tiptoe around them and work on, unscathed.