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Has Celebrity Become the Point of American Politics?

The problem with elected officials as a celebrity class is as simple as it is obvious: in the face of fame, we lose our critical acumen.


Honoring 2016’s Fallen Stars: 12 Quotes on What Makes a Hero

In turning to literature for advice on what sets a hero apart from others, we find a tremendous array of insights into the matter.


A Nathan Gelgud Comic: Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?

Writer-illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets 'Why Not Me?,' the second essay collection from Mindy Kaling.


‘Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper:’ Constructing a Faux Celebrity Tell-all

Celebrity memoirs get a bad rap, but why? Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is a faux celebrity tell-all. With it I aimed to take the guilt out of guilty pleasure.


Jacqueline Briskin’s Dreams Are Not Enough: An Excerpt

Three of Jacqueline Briskin's many great novels are newly available in eBook format: Dreams Are Not Enough, Too Much Too Soon, and Everything and More. Read on for an excerpt from Dreams Are Not Enough.


Hungry for More: A Q&A with Author Rebecca Harrington

We caught up with Rebecca Harrington, author of I'll Have What She's Having: Adventures in Celebrity Dieting' to talk about the highs (and often hilarious lows) of her diet experiment.