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The Man with No Name: The Appeal of a Character without an Identity

Felix Francis, author of Pulse, explains the allure of a mysterious figure with no identity, and shares his experience in creating a nameless character.


From Mishap to Story: Finding Inspiration in a Small Moment

Siobhan Fallon discusses a small but significant moment in her life that influenced her latest novel, The Confusion of Languages.


Winter’s Next Dozen: The Best Post-Game of Thrones Books for Fans

With HBO’s 'GoT' bringing its penultimate season to a close, here are twelve post-Game of Thrones books for fans of the series.


Stories Are Like Gardens: The Inspiration Behind The Wildling Sisters

Author Eve Chase shares the elements of her life that contributed to her newest novel, and how her inspiration blossomed in her own garden.


5 Tips for Getting Into the Mind of Your Character

We asked novelist Gail Godwin how to get into the mind of your character – especially when that character is so unlike its writer.


The Art of Picking Protagonists: Why Two Is More and Less Is a Bore

Camilla Grebe, author of The Ice Beneath Her, discusses why two protagonists are better than one, especially when it comes to writing crime fiction.