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Rare Birds: Fabulous Feathers and Their Fans, As Seen in The Feather Thief

We're taking an illustrated look at the eight-year expedition into the Malay archipelago taken by Arthur Russell Wallace, a British explorer in the 1850s.


How We Got Here: 9 Books on the Science of Culture

These books will allow you to take a deep dive into our past, our present, and our potential future to learn more about how our culture developed.


Spectral Awareness: 8 Quotes From Authors With Autism

Here are a few quotes from authors with autism to underscore the continued struggle for acceptance and understanding of those on the spectrum.


How Darwin's Book On the Origin of Species Changed America

We spoke with author Randall Fuller about Charles Darwin, his groundbreaking book, and our modern relationship with the theory of natural selection.


Don’t Hang Back With the Brutes: 10 Quotes On the Value of the Arts

Herewith are quotes by thinkers, artists, and authors throughout history who observed the tremendous power of the arts to shape our minds.


A Peek Inside Playboy’s First Nudity-Free Issue

Playboy is getting back to its more literary roots, A. O. Scott is cutting out the middle man, and more in today's roundup. Welcome to it!