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Our 25 Favorite Closing Lines in Literature

What are your favorite closing lines in literature? We picked our top 25, from Harry Potter to Charles Dickens and beyond.


10 Famous Authors With Second Novels That Are As Good As Their First

While great debuts tend to get the attention, second novels truly define a talented author’s style. Here are a few of our favorites.


What Hard Times by Charles Dickens Can Teach Us About the Individual

Charles Dickens championed the individual and disdained the crowd. Lorraine Berry explores this dynamic in light of his book Hard Times.


A Tale of Two Cities Was Ahead of Its Time: Dystopia, PTSD, and Dickens

Lorraine Berry makes the case for A Tale of Two Cities as a dystopian novel and explores Charles Dickens's deft handling of PTSD.


Reading Charles Dickens for the First Time: A Reading Journey

Join Lorraine Berry as she reads through Charles Dickens's oeurve for the first time. Check back here for updates on what she's reading next!


Here’s What Miss Havisham Can Teach Us About Grief

Lorraine Berry examines the most laughed-at character in Charles Dickens's Great Expectations (and in its many adaptations), Miss Havisham.