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Why Angela J. Davis’s New Book Is Essential Reading

Policing the Black Man, the new collection edited and introduced by Angela J. Davis, breaks down the problem of race in the U.S.


Essential Reading for Teens (and Everyone) in the Year 2017

A teenager asked our Lisa Rosman what to read in this age of Trump. Here are the books she recommended – an essential list for teens and adults alike.


The Little-known Civil Rights-Era Story of Booker Wright

Do you know the story of Booker Wright, the man who spoke up about the African American experience when the consequences would be brutal? Well, you should.


The Inextricable Link Between Blues and the Civil Rights Movement

Renée Rosen, author of Windy City Blues, talks about the connective tissue between music, activism, and the power to heal.


A Literary History of Women’s Rights in the United States

Though we’ve a long way still to go, women’s rights have been evolving positively and steadily for more than a century. Let’s look at the books, shall we?


How We Got Here: Essential Reading to Understand the History of Racism

Black History Month is always vital, but this year it’s especially important. There’s a disturbing United States trend on the rise in the United States, in which past and present oppression is bei