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Where to Start: The 7 Must-Read Sherlock Holmes Stories

Wondering where to dive into the world of Sherlock Holmes stories? We’ve got your cheat-sheet of must-read tales right here.


10 Reasons Writers and Readers Adore Jane Austen

Two hundred years later, writers and readers still adore Jane Austen. Novelist Melissa Pimentel has a few ideas as to why this is.


7 Characters in Classics from Whose POV We’d Like to Hear

These classic novels have held our hearts with good reason – but for a change of pace, what about hearing the story from another character’s point of view?


Aloha Bound: 7 of the Best Hawaii Books to Read Right Now

Here’s a look at the best Hawaii books, seven compelling literary works that span the past, present, and future of the state and its culture.


Why Shakespeare Is the Perfect Beach Read

Looking to up your beach read game? Look no further than the drama-filled four-hundred-year-old works of the original bard, William Shakespeare.


The Case for ‘Anne With an E’ (Despite What You’ve Heard)

In spite of what you might have heard about 'Anne with an E,' the latest adaptation of the Montgomery classic, here's why it's worth your time.