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Here’s Why Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women Is Forever Relevant

Tony Phillips attended a screening of PBS Masterpiece's 'Little Women' at the Tribeca Film Festival, where its creators discuss its continued relevance.


Our 25 Favorite Opening Lines in Literature

There's something to be said for a fantastic opening line. In our opinion, these are twenty-five of the very best first lines in literature.


In a Tribal Age, a Voice for the Individual: On the 75th Anniversary of The Fountainhead

Onkar Ghate, chief content officer at the Ayn Rand Institute, discusses American tribalism in light of the 75th anniversary of The Fountainhead. 


Much Better Than a Masterpiece: Finding Humanity in The Great Gatsby

On the anniversary of the publication of The Great Gatsby, we examined the pockets of humanity in the book that make it better than a masterpiece.


Reading Charles Dickens for the First Time: A Reading Journey

Join Lorraine Berry as she reads through Charles Dickens's oeurve for the first time. Check back here for updates on what she's reading next!


Rereading A Christmas Carol with a Fresh Perspective in 2017

Almost everyone has read A Christmas Carol - it is a classic, after all. But not many people reread it, and as an adult in 2017, it has a whole new meaning.