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Toes in the Sand: 6 All-time Classic Beach Reads

Though there is plenty of new fiction to occupy our attention seaside and lakeside this summer, let’s not forget these classic beach reads.


How George Orwell’s 1984 Almost Didn’t Happen

With tuberculosis, financial pressures, and a liberal passion calling out to him, it's not surprising that George Orwell came close to not writing 1984.


Diving down the Long Filmic Path of Daphne du Maurier

As the new adaptation of My Cousin Rachel comes to theaters, we’re diving deeper into the cinematic history of Daphne du Maurier.


The Essential Ernest Hemingway from Biography to Fiction

We’re kicking off our roundup of essential Ernest Hemingway with a brand-new biography that may be the most comprehensive yet.


Jane Austen Was a Secret Radical: A Book-by-Book Breakdown

We don't give Jane Austen enough credit for the radical ideas present in her books. In this book-by-book breakdown, we take Austen for the radical she was.


Can You Believe S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders Is 50 Years Old?

Us neither. Here’s the never sentimental and ever snappy Lisa Rosman on why the book and the movie matter as much as they do.