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Tough Guys and Daring Dames: 10 Essentials of 1950s Noir

The 1950s served as a great decade for noir cinema. Where to begin to watch the best? We’ve got you covered.


Tom & Huck Grow Up in the Nee Brothers’ ‘Band of Robbers’

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn as adults? We caught up with the Nee Brothers, whose 'Band of Robbers' takes on this idea.


Where All the Women Are: A Q&A with Illeana Douglas

Illeana Douglas is working to champion women in film – and with good reason. We talk to her about this and more.


A Hundred Years of ‘Bondage’: W. Somerset Maugham on Film

The work of W. Somerset Maugham was adapted much more than you likely thought. Doubtful? Read on.


Ever Wicked: What Is It About Macbeth That Sticks?

With the latest adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth now in theaters, we’re rooting around for the true appeal of the play.


A Dark, Rainy Night: The 10-Movie Guide to 1940s Film Noir

As we slip into the dreariness of winter, use the early darkness to get caught up on all the film noir you need.