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Everyman Edition: Celebrating the Adapted Roles of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks knows from adaptations. As he is being honored at the Museum of Modern Art, we're looking back at his most interesting roles in adaptations.


The Case for Adapting the Unadaptable Novel to Film

Is every work of literature fair game – or is there truly such a thing as an unadaptable novel?


Netflix Chief Defends Wachowskis, Touts Their 4-Hour Cut of 'Cloud Atlas'

Also in today's Daily Blunt: James McAvoy's lament, and crackpot Mary Poppins theories.


Tom Hanks and Tom Tykwer to Adapt Dave Eggers Novel 'A Hologram For The King'

Tom Hanks and director Tom Tykwer are reuniting after last year’s “Cloud Atlas” to bring Dave Eggers’s novel A Hologram for the King to the big screen.


California Dreaming: 2030 Author Albert Brooks on 'Cloud Atlas'

From 2030 to Cloud Atlas, actor and author Albert Brooks talks adaptations, the future, the first Jewish president and more with Signature.


Win It! Read the Book and See the Movie, Courtesy of Signature and The Guardian

Signature and The Guardian have partnered up to bring you one of our own favorite pairings: the book and the movie.