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5 Tips to Step Up Your Pho Game From Andrea Nguyen's Pho Cookbook

Andrea Nguyen’s comprehensive miscellany of pho, The Pho Cookbook, is an evenly measured assemblage of research, recipes, and lore.


Cancer, Risk Reduction, and the Magic of Food

Nutrition expert and trained chef Rebecca Katz puts a fine point on what you may already suspect: Food can influence cancer for better and for worse.


In Pursuit of Flavor: Edna Lewis and the Art of True Southern Cuisine

True Southern cuisine remained unknown in most U.S. kitchens until Edna Lewis came along, championing the fresh, joyful, and wholesome ingredients.


Reflections of Vietnam in a Bowl of Pho

Andrea Nguyen, author of The Pho Cookbook, takes us down the cultural road of pho, from its Chinese roots to its civil rivalry to its ongoing evolution.


Cook Well for Yourself to Heal: On the Benefit of Cooking for One

Internationally bestselling author Sarah Jio joins Signature to open up about her divorce and the healing power of cooking well for yourself.


Get Cooking, Hollywood: 4 Cookbooks That Should Be Movies

We’re looking at a new kind of movie source material in cookbooks – and the directors who should take on the projects. Here's what we propose.