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And Here We Are: Best Contemporary Dystopian Fiction

As ‘The Circle’ lands in theaters, we’re thinking about dystopian fiction – and how it is making us more uncomfortable than ever.


7 Novels Whose Worlds Are Way Worse Than 2016

This year’s been hell. Still, we must ask: It could always be worse, right? Sure can – as evidenced by these novels whose denizens have it way worse.


The Archetypal Cormac McCarthy Character (In One Paragraph)

Scouring Cormac McCarthy's works, we found an opening paragraph in Blood Meridian about "the kid," who's possibly the most archetypal McCarthy character.


Wild Reads: 5 Novels that Capture the Spirit of the West

Shawn Vestal, author of Daredevils, shares his five favorite novels set in the American West, from Blood Meridian to Lonesome Dove.


Ode to the Road Trip: 8 Inspiring Adaptations

There's something about a road trip, isn't there? When you can't take the time away, live vicariously through one of these road trip adaptations.


Matters of Life and Death: 14 Weighty Cormac McCarthy Quotes

Cormac McCarthy is an acclaimed author whose work focuses on life-or-death situations and dares readers to confront difficult truths. To mark his birthday, we have gathered some of his most intense quotes and convictions.