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Matters of Life and Death: 14 Weighty Cormac McCarthy Quotes

Cormac McCarthy is an acclaimed author whose work focuses on life-or-death situations and dares readers to confront difficult truths. To mark his birthday, we have gathered some of his most intense quotes and convictions.


Books for Movie Lovers: Wiley Cash's Debut

As readers who love movies, sometimes we're looking for a novel that is reminiscent of the moviegoing experience.


'Mad Max: Fury Road' & 8 Great Post-Apocalyptic Narratives

Inspired by the return of Mad Max, we've rounded up some of our favorite post-apocalyptic material.


Wild Times: The Rise of the Apocalyptic Western

What is an apocalyptic Western? And why is it suddenly so prevalent in entertainment? Read on.


6 Movies That Transcend Their Source Material

Sometimes a film adaptation just adds a little something extra and breathes new life into its source material.


Art of Survival: 8 Films (and 1 TV Show) That Might Save Your Life

James Wesley, Rawles, author and founder of SurvivalBlog.com, picks his top movies about how to survive, which may someday save your life.