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Our 25 Favorite Opening Lines in Literature

There's something to be said for a fantastic opening line. In our opinion, these are twenty-five of the very best first lines in literature.


12 Best Books From the 2000s That We Still Love to Read Today

The 2000s were an interesting and momentous time for book lovers everywhere. These are few of our picks for the best of the decade.


The Best Texas Books, From Lonesome Dove to The Liar's Club

These novels, memoirs, and books of nonfiction by Larry McMurtry, Mary Karr, Lawrence Wright, and more bring the Lone Star State to life.


The Debt of Nature: 10 Earth Day Quotes

The crusade to preserve our homeworld is more urgent than ever, as illustrated in these brilliant words.


Dreary Days: 10 Books to Make the End of Winter Darker and Sadder

Let's skip the facade and face the facts: Sometimes, we like being sad. These books are all perfect for when you're in the mood to be a little melodramatic.


Defining Books of the ’90s

The years between 1989 and Y2K were a boom for groundbreaking fiction and nonfiction. Here are 15 examples that serve as a portal to these exciting times.