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Universal, but Personal: Hometown Settings in Thrillers

Lori Roy, award-winning author of THE DISAPPEARING, shares why hometown settings in thrillers are universal and unique at the same time.


A Crime Writer’s Guide to Writing About Death and Murder

Owen Hill, co-annotator/editor of Raymond Chandler's The Annotated Big Sleep, shares thoughts on how to execute the perfect murder scene in your writing.


The Difficulties of Writing a Cross-Border Memoir in Today’s World

Jean Guerrero, author of CRUX, discusses the hardships that come with writing a personal memoir amidst political and social change.


How to Create the Perfect Storm in a Novel: A Recipe

Kate Christensen provides us with the ingredients we need to create the perfect storm in our own writing, and the recipe with which to cook it up.


Here’s Why Using Flashbacks in Your Thriller Writing Will Up the Suspense

Riley Sager, author of The Last Time I Lied and Final Girls, argues for the use of flashbacks in thriller writing as a means of increasing suspense.


5 Reasons Why the World of High Finance Is Ripe Territory for Thrillers

Cristina Alger, author of THE BANKER'S WIFE, on why financial thrillers can be timely, explosive and sophisticated, and original.