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My Accidental Journey to Becoming an Audiobook Convert

Holiday Reinhorn discusses recording the audiobook for her short story collection 10 years after her book's release, then falling in love with the form.


A Change in Perspective: Embracing Omniscience in Fiction Writing

When a poet starts to write something like fiction, it is a long climb. Giving up first-person point of view is the first step, and a hard one.


The 6 Best Things About Mother/Daughter Bonds in Writing, Explained

Mothers. Can’t live with them, can’t be born without them. Why are stories of mothers and daughters such a potent literary device?


The Kaleidoscopic Range of John McPhee’s Nonfiction Writing

Considering his body of work, we could consider the writer a category unto himself: John McPhee is one of those...John McPhee kind of writers.


Humanity and History: 6 of the Best David Grossman Books

David Grossman, author of A Horse Walks Into a Bar, is an incredibly talented Israeli writer with a bibliography varied enough for any reader to enjoy.


W.H. Auden’s Melancholy, Timeless Poem ‘Funeral Blues,’ Illustrated

On the occasion of W.H. Auden's 110th birthday, we've illustrated one of the poet's most powerful works: "Funeral Blues," or "Stop all the Clocks."