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How to Overcome Inner Challenges to Become a Successful Writer

Daniel Chidiac, author of Who Says You Can’t? You Do, shares tips for overcoming inner challenges and self-doubt as a writer.


Arrive Late, Leave Early: Tips for Writing the Perfect Scene

A perfect method for endearing you to readers, from Jennifer Finney Boylan, the author of Long Black Veil.


How to Embrace Writing Fiction About Sorrow and Darkness

Sharon Bala, author of The Boat People, shares her experience writing a book about refugees, and offers advice for writing about darkness.


A Fine Bromance: On Writing About Friendship

Romance has its moments, but the author of Setting Free The Kites explains why friends make for better literary subjects.


What It’s Like to Transition to a Different Genre as an Established Author

Jenn McKinlay shares her experiences with transitioning from a mystery writer to a romance writer, and how she feels about the decision to change genres.


Tapping Into History to Write Historical Fiction

Jennifer Ashley, author of Death Below Stairs, shares tips on how to use history as a tool to write a well-researched novel.