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Why Trauma Remains Essential to the Romantic Thriller

The author of Promise Not To Tell explains why our heroes and heroines must suffer in order to inspire as well as entertain us.


Take Fear By the Hand: 3 Fears That Writers Can Use for Inspiration

Meera Lee Patel, author of My Friend Fear, knows that you must take fear by the hand. Here, she shares three fears that can inspire writers.


Let Go of Negative Thoughts: Practical Tips for Writers

Author and therapist Christina Stein knows why you're not reaching your full potential as a writer, and she's here to help with some insightful advice.


An Interview with Biographer Kenneth Whyte, Author of Hoover

We got the chance to speak with Kenneth Whyte, author of Hoover - a remarkable biography that details Herbert Hoover's extraordinary life.


Fret No More: Here’s What to Do When You Finish a First Draft

Most writers know the feeling of excitement that comes with finishing a first draft. But what comes after? Sandra Scofield shares her advice on the matter.


Why Books on the Craft of Writing Are Worth a Read

No matter the level of writer, there’s always room to grow. Books on writing expose new approaches to the craft to learn, and new perspectives to study.