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The Secret Reason We Love Thrillers

Catherine Steadman, author of Something in the Water, discusses the reason behind why readers can't get enough of thrillers.


Make a Scene; Let It Linger: Mastering the Scene in Short Story Writing

Nick White, author of short story collection Sweet and Low, joins Signature to discuss his tactics for writing the perfect scene in a short story.


Learning to Focus as a Writer

Author Lexi Blake explains how short story writing gave her the tools she needed to focus as a writer, no matter what she's writing.


Nonfiction by Women Is Not Taken Seriously Enough

Sarah Menkedick, author of Homing Instincts, on why nonfiction written by women is not taken as seriously as nonfiction written by men.


Carrie Arcos on Why the Refugee Experience Is the Human Experience

Carrie Arcos, author of We Are All That's Left, details her experience with refugees, and why it should be obvious that all life is to be celebrated.


Making History: Characters in Narrative Nonfiction

Gary Krist, author of The Mirage Factory, on how narrative historians, like fiction writers, must write about characters who are fascinating to read about.