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The Novel Has Been Over-Furnished: Willa Cather on the Art of Writing

Writers in search of guidance need only scan Willa Cather on Writing for some sharp doses of advice. “The novel,” she writes in an analysis of the difference between creating good fiction and bei


George Eliot on Writing and Narrative via Middlemarch, Illustrated

George Eliot’s Middlemarch could have been about anything. At least, judging from the omniscient narration, Eliot could have told a story about anything, anywhere, at any time in the universe. As a


10 Authors Share the Writing Tools They Can’t Live Without

The 10 featured authors in this video share the tips, tricks, and tools that are essential to their writing - tools they can't live without.


Ian McEwan Offers 3 Pieces of Advice to Aspiring Writers

Ian McEwan, author of Nutshell, offers three pieces of advice for those that want to be writers, but aren't sure where to start.


The 28 Best Books on Writing

Writing is hard, and defining yourself as a writer can be even harder. Here's our exhaustive list of the best books on writing when the blank page beckons.


Don’t Make It Up: Jaime Lowe’s 8 Rules for Writing Memoirs

Don't write one unless you absolutely have to, and if you do have to, find a good spot where you can cry. Jaime Lowe shares tips for writing memoirs.