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Writing is a Journey: Let Inspiration Find You With Each Written Page

Lance Richardson, author of House of Nutter, discusses how writing itself can inspire ideas for those that lack a solid sense of direction.


Short Stories Are Sustained by Character

Jen Silverman, author of The Island Dwellers, joins Signature to discuss the ways in which character sustains her short story writing.


Not Short on Story: 7 Short Stories That Show the Genre is Thriving

What short story collections should you read this spring and summer? Lorraine Berry breaks down the latest and greatest for you.


John Freeman Gill Chases Down the Architecture of 1970s NYC

John Freeman Gill on how he bridged the gap between journalism, memoir, and fiction to craft a picture of 1970s NYC architecture in The Gargoyle Hunters.


Researching a Thriller: The Details You Keep, and the Details You Omit

David Ricciardi joined Signature to discuss his research process for his debut novel Warning Light, and the specific details that helped him along the way.


Disappearing is Harder Than It Used to Be: Writing About Nazis in Hiding

Author Alex Grecian talks about the subject of his new book, The Saints of Wolves and Butchers: Nazis in hiding, trying to disappear in a connected world.