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Here’s Why Readers and Writers Alike Love a Boarding School Tale

The author of The Broken Girls explores our love of boarding school tales in literature, from Jane Eyre to Harry Potter and beyond.


What It’s Like Being a DEA Agent and a Published Author

J. Todd Scott has been a DEA agent for more than twenty years, and has also published two books. Here's a look at how he juggles both careers.


Don’t Waste Time: If You Want to Be a Writer, Just Write

Tadzio Koelb, the author of Trenton Makes, urges aspiring writers to stop wasting time by striving for perfection, because it's an unrealistic goal.


How a Flight and a Drink Inspired My Latest Book

Chris Bohjalian, author of The Flight Attendant, shares what sparked his idea for his latest novel and why it was such a captivating book to write.


How Being a Naval ROTC Instructor Helped Me to Write My Debut

Will Mackin, author of Bring Out the Dog, shares a key encounter he had while writing his collection of short stories about the veteran experience.


All Too Human: Why the Donner Party Still Haunts Us Today

The closer we look at the facts of this infamous 19th century tragedy - the basis for Alma Katsu's new book The Hunger -  the more unsettling they become.