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Thriller Writing, Hurricanes, and More: A Chat with Author Brendan Duffy

We got the chance to speak with Brendan Duffy about writing thrillers, what inspires him, the essential elements to a suspenseful novel, and more.


Woman No. 17 Author Edan Lepucki Talks Reading, Writing, and More

Edan Lepucki joins Amy, of Beaks and Geeks, to talk performance art, class in California, and which books she reads over and over again.


Why Setting is an Important Tool for Writing Thrillers

Jennifer McMahon, author of Burntown, explains the role of setting in thrillers and how to craft a setting that adds to the suspense of a story.


Power of Place: The Influence of New Orleans on My Writing

Nina Sadowsky, author of The Burial Society, discusses the powerful impact that her experiences in New Orleans have on her writing.


In His Letters, Anton Chekhov Contemplates the Role of the Artist

In his letters to his brother, sister, and others, Anton Chekhov thinks out loud about his art and his role as an artist.


Diana Gabaldon Walks Us Through Crafting a Sentence

Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander, explains how she crafts a sentence in a conversation with Julie Kosin at the Random House Open House.