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The Power of Returning Home, in Life and in Writing

Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Captain's Daughter, joins Signature to analyze the significance of returning home, and why it's used in writing.


Through the Imagination and Beyond: 4 Tips to Transport Your Reader

Debut author Bianca Marais offers tips for transporting readers through their imagination to places they've never been before.


Know Your Boundaries: How to Keep Your Balance as a Writer

Thriller writer David Bell, author of Bring Her Home, shares how to keep readers in suspense - without pushing them over the edge.


A Peek In: How Spying on Your Neighbors Can Inspire a Story

Thriller writer Holly Seddon shares personal and professional experiences to explain how spying can make for a great plot device in suspenseful novels.


Research, Write, Repeat: 6 Rules for Writing Great Detective Fiction

Susie Steiner, author of Missing, Presumed and Persons Unknown, shares six can't-miss rules for anyone looking to write compelling detective fiction.


Writing a New Series: A Guide to Creating a World from Scratch

Meg Gardiner, author of eleven critically acclaimed novels, joins Signature to share 5 writing tips for creating a new world in the first novel of a series.