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10 Books on Immortality That Teach Us About Being Human

Here’s a look at ten novels with very different takes on longevity, immortality, and what both can tell us about being human.


A Republic Marked by War: 8 Best Books to Understand South Korea

These novels and books, many by South Korean authors, should provide a window into South Korea and its culture.


Whole Lotta Hygge: 5 Best Books on Comfort and Coziness to Read Now

Winter is the ideal time for all things hygge, so check out the list of books below, and learn how to stay comfortable and cozy throughout this cold season.


What Good Is Simplicity in Today’s America?

Mark Sundeen, author of The Unsettlers, makes the case for why living the simple life in today’s America is worth the effort.


12 Best Books Celebrating Women Writers of the Asian Diaspora

Through storytelling, the women on this list offer readers a dynamically distinct perspective on the way tradition and family can define a person.


A Journey to Independence: The 8 Best Books to Understand Kenya

These books and novels, many of which written are by Kenyan authors, should give insight into the remarkable country of Kenya and its complex history.