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What Good Is Simplicity in Today’s America?

Mark Sundeen, author of The Unsettlers, makes the case for why living the simple life in today’s America is worth the effort.


Rereading A Christmas Carol with a Fresh Perspective in 2017

Almost everyone has read A Christmas Carol - it is a classic, after all. But not many people reread it, and as an adult in 2017, it has a whole new meaning.


Expand Your View: 12 Best Books on Politics to Read Now

These 12 books all touch upon the current state of political affairs. You might love them, or you might hate them - but you'll never know until you read.


Nuggets From That New Trump Campaign Memoir, Let Trump Be Trump

Also in today's news: more from NYT correspondent Amber Tamblyn, and and a characteristically candid Q&A with Ursula K. Le Guin. It's your Daily Blunt!


Bunk: On the Spread of Fake News Throughout History

America's "fake news" problem isn't news. Kevin Young's new book 'Bunk' inspires a deep dive into sinister historical myths that are still repeated today.


The Best Books of November 2017: From Alec Baldwin to John Banville

The best books hitting shelves in November 2017 range from a spoof Donald Trump "autobiography" to a continuation of Henry James's classic by John Banville.