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18 Essential Classics to Read Before You Die

Remember all those books that you were supposed to read in your English classes and lit courses but never did? It turns out, they are worth a second look.


Forevermore: 9 Quotes From Other Authors About Poe

In remembrance of Edgar Allan Poe, the following authors are here to toast him (and some, to roast him).


All Tomorrow’s Parties: 11 Quotes About Over-Imbibing

For those who struggle with moderation during Christmas and New Year's: You're in good company with the following authors.


15 Quotes About What’s Beneath the Masks We Wear

Our ordinary faces conceal just as many secrets as any Halloween mask. What's with humankind's aversion to being seen for who we really are?


Huge Book Deal Launches Colin Kaepernick’s Literary Career

NFL star Colin Kaepernick breaks into books, Edgar Allan Poe is revived for a new PBS special, and much more in today's news roundup.


The Enduring Legacy and Influence of Edgar Allan Poe

Since Poe's introduction of detective fiction into popular culture, people have been creating and breaking the rules of this endlessly manipulated genre.