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50 Years On: Montgomery Clift’s 10 Best Adapted Roles

July 23 marks fifty years since the too-young, tragic death of Montgomery Clift. We’re celebrating the actor with a look at his best adapted work.


Why We’re Still Afraid of ‘Virginia Woolf’ 50 Years Later

The film adaptation of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is fifty years old - and the story is still as disturbingly poignant as ever.


World AIDS Day Reveal: Elizabeth Taylor Ran ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

A little-known fact about Elizabeth Taylor and her AIDS activism comes to light, Brad Pitt's financial concerns and more.


The Five Worst Celebrity Diets: From Sophia Loren to Jackie Kennedy

We've chosen our favorite outlandish and stomach-churning rituals and recipes from Rebecca Harrington's I'll Have What She's Having, which are sure to make your New Year’s Resolutions seem sane and sensible by comparison.


Liz Taylor as Cleopatra in an Epic Film Befitting its Hollywood Era

Against a contemporary cinematic landscape where major productions masquerade as humble indies, there’s something refreshing and almost quaint about Walter Wanger’s My Life with Cleopatra. His production diary of the 1963 hit film Cleopatra, it’s a witty and no-nonsense look at big-time moviemaking at the end of the studio era.


Come to 'Breaking Dawn 2' For The Romance, Stay For the Numerous Decapitations!

Turkey tomorrow -- but Twilight today! And more in our pre-Thanksgiving roundup: Anthony Hopkins won't suck up to anyone, 'Liz and Dick' starring Lindsay Lohan will finally see the light of day this weekend, and we're still talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (And why shouldn't we be?)