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Biopic Challenge: Who Could Possibly Play Andre The Giant?

In today's roundup, we're pondering a stand-in for Andre the Giant, the latest trend in casting, and more.


Bard On-screen: 11 Must-See Shakespeare Adaptations

There are seemingly countless on-screen Shakespeare adaptations, so where do you start? We recommend these eleven productions.


Meet ‘Barney Thomson’: A Review of the Near-perfect Film

‘Barney Thomson,’ the directorial debut of Robert Carlyle, is near perfect in its cozy Glasgow-set rattiness.


Emma Thompson's 'Effie Gray' an Unlikely Disappointment

Emma Thompson’s latest film, 'Effie Gray,' takes a great story and makes it, well, bland.


'Jodorowsky's Dune' Celebrates a World (and Film) That Never Was

'Jodorowsky's Dune' is fast becoming a critic favorite while other films languish on the shelves for years, and more in our daily roundup.


It's Oscar Time: How Movie Adaptations Stack Up in the 2014 Race

The Oscar nominations are out -- and we're looking most closely at how movie adaptations are faring in the biggest awards show of the year.