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Austen Heartland: A Guide to Jane Austen Houses and Places

For those interested in exploring the real-life settings behind the works of Jane Austen, we’ve pulled together this list of destinations.


Great Expeditions: The Top 10 Cities for Literary Travelers

Do you have both wanderlust and a love for literature? These ten breathtaking cities have plenty for book lovers to discover around the world.


On Matthew Hopkins and the Witch Trials of 1640s England

Debut author Beth Underdown explains how the Matthew Hopkins witch trials in 1640s England influenced her first novel, The Witchfinder's Sister.


Why You Should Get on Board with ‘Treat Culture’ Travel

Jami Curl, a candy entrepreneur and modern-day Willy Wonka of sorts, expounds the joys of discovering a place’s treat culture.


Biographer Sally Bedell Smith on Where Prince Charles Goes From Here

We spoke with biographer Sally Bedell Smith about her research on the royal family, her new biography of Prince Charles, and where the Prince goes from here.


Saoirse Ronan to Star as Refugee in ‘Sweetness in the Belly’

‘Sweetness in the Belly,’ based on the book by Camilla Gibb, will star Saoirse Ronan as a displaced, orphaned refugee forced to find her way.