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Questioning the Ethical Stance of the Fiction Writer

Novelist Christos Chrissopoulos argues that books are ‘protected’ by the genre noted on the cover and must remain so for the survival of literature.


Family Trouble: Respect and Responsibility in the Craft of Memoir

Memoirs are simply the most public version of a question that affects us all: What influences our lives? What shapes us? In Family Trouble, a collection of essays from memoirists exploring the ethical and personal challenges in writing about one's family, editor Joy Castro tells us how she knew this would be a topic that would produce an incredible array of viewpoints and perspectives. She was right.


Debating the Ethics of Biography: How Close Is Too Close?

In a roundtable discussion with Gary Giddins, John Matteson, Benjamin Anastas, and Carol Levine, authors discussed and debated the tricky waters of ethics, personal relationships, slander and more in the world of biography.