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3 Predictions About Evolution in Our Changing World

Biology professor and author Jonathan B. Losos shares three predictions about the future of evolution and discusses how we will impact natural selection.


How Darwin's Book On the Origin of Species Changed America

We spoke with author Randall Fuller about Charles Darwin, his groundbreaking book, and our modern relationship with the theory of natural selection.


Myth-Busting Books: 13 Antidotes to ‘Alternative Facts’

Telling the truth in a time of alternative facts is an act of resistance. Be a rebel and arm yourself with one of these alt-fact-busting tomes.


Human Survival Is Hard, For Other Organisms It’s a Lot Harder

Science journalist Matt Simon’s book The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar offers incredibly creative examples of evolution in the animal kingdom.


Upright Thinkers: The Marvel, Mystery, and Evolution of Human Thought

Mlodinow's 'The Upright Thinkers' is a grand project across human history, narrating the roots of human thought about the physical world.


Behind the Books with Edward Larson

Joining us for another installment of Behind the Books, Edward Larson talks about his writing routine, the influence of nature writers on his own work, the active imagination of history writing, and the all-important counsel for aspiring writers: "Write every day."