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The Unspoken Matters: The Actor’s Role in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

An excerpt from Nicholas Hytner's book, Balancing Acts, that discusses the importance of the actor's interpretation in Shakespeare's "Hamlet."


How Christina Tosi, the Visionary Behind Milk Bar, Gets Her Inspiration

When Christina Tosi isn’t in sweets mode, she makes heavenly dishes like this seven-layer dip, which is perfect for satisfying those late night munchies.


How Technological Advancements Will Shape the Future of the Battlefield

This excerpt from Robert Latiff's Future War looks at how future technological advancements will change virtually every aspect of war as we know it.


How to Actually Make a Difference in the Widespread Poverty Crisis

This excerpt from Leila Janah's book, Give Work, discusses the problems with how we currently deal with the poverty crisis and how to fix it.


To Be a Drummer: Read an Excerpt from Phil Collins’s Memoir

An excerpt from drummer and frontman of Genesis Phil Collins' memoir, Not Dead Yet. Here, Phil talks about the unique challenges of being a drummer.


9 Activities to Avoid at All Costs While Consuming Wine

Marissa A. Ross, author of the new book Wine. All the Time, shares with Signature nine things you should never ever do while drinking wine.