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How Your Phone Is Killing Your Attention Span

Our brains both prefer and are programmed to seek out and be distracted by new information. And that’s exactly what our phones encourage them to do.


Why Uncertainty Isn’t a Barrier to Success

Annie Duke, author of Thinking in Bets, takes a deeper dive into uncertainty to reveal that it is certainty that is the real enemy of success.


The Bookbinder’s Apprentice: Michael Faraday and Electromagnetism

Alanna Mitchell, author of The Spinning Magnet, explains the history of electromagnetism, and the mastermind behind the discovery of the phenomenon.


Need to Know: 10 Unexpected Facts About Life in the CIA

Karen Cleveland, author of Need to Know and former CIA analyst, shares 10 fun facts about life in the CIA and an excerpt from her book.


How Healing Works: The Paradox of Healing

Dr. Wayne Jonas, practicing family physician and professor of medicine, shares an eye-opening experience he had with alternative medicine.


The Influence of Don Quixote and Harry Potter on Literature

Excerpted from Martin Puchner's book, The Written World, these two passages examine the impact of Don Quixote and Harry Potter on the literary world.