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Viola Davis Will Become Harriet Tubman for HBO Feature

Also in the Daily Blunt: Courtney Love's literary legal woes, the war being waged over ironic movie viewing, and questions about Hemingway's sexuality.


Careless People: The Real-Life Murder that Inspired ‘The Great Gatsby’

In Careless People: Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of ‘The Great Gatsby’, author Sarah Churchwell suggests Fitzgerald was influenced by the New York Times headline murder of Edward Hall and Eleanor Mills.


Legendary Figure, Legendary Place: Writing Fitzgerald’s Final Years

Author Stewart O'Nan explores the oft-quoted maxim "write what you know" in relation to his most recent novel West of Sunset, a fictionalization of the final years of F. Scott Fitzgerald's life spent in Hollywood.


9 F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes for Flappers, Tipplers and Philosophers

This week in history -- on September 24, 1896 -- F. Scott Fitzgerald was born to a wealthy family in St. Paul, Minnesota. For a glimpse into the worldview of the great American writer -- from both his fiction and his letters -- start with these nine quotes.


Romancing the Writer: The Higher Art of Flannery O’Connor

While writers are often depicted as tortured and victims of their self-inflicted maladies, Flannery O'Connor bucks the trends. Living an ordinary life but penning extraordinary tales, O'Connor's legacy remains a rarity on the writing scene.