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The Appeal of the Dark Side of Fairy Tales

Christina Henry, whose Lost Boy flips to the shadowed side of Peter Pan, delves into why the dark side of fairy tales is a worthwhile place to explore.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ v2.0: Check Your Skepticism at the Door

The news of a remake of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ invited much skepticism – but the final product is full of welcome surprises.


‘Wicked’ the Movie Nabs Release Date from Universal

Ladies and gentlemen, something wicked this way comes. After years miring in a maze of pre-production, that long-awaited feature adaptation the Broadway hit “Wicked” finally has a release date. Ma


A Q&A With ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Writer Linda Woolverton

As 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' lands in theaters, we're sharing our conversation with screenwriter Linda Woolverton.


Cel Aplenty: 9 Animated Fairy Tales Worth Revisiting

‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ is landing in theaters and so we’re thinking about other animated fairy tales we’ve adored.


Trailer: ‘Tale of Tales’ Coming for Huntsman’s Thunder

We're looking ahead to 'Tale of Tales' and back at some 'Wolf of Wall Street' funny business all in today's Daily Blunt.