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Why We Love the Romans in All Their Complicated, Bloody Glory

Author and astronomer Alan Smale considers the longstanding appeal of the Romans for writers, moviemakers, and beyond, and answers: Is it warranted?


12 L. Frank Baum Quotes Hinting at the Truth Behind the Fantastical

On the occasion of L. Frank Baum's birthday, we're celebrating the author through some of his most profound thoughts and considerations.


Best Books of February 2017: George Saunders to Joyce Carol Oates

From George Saunders's first novel to a meditation from Joyce Carol Oates on abortion in small-town America, these are the best books of February 2017.


Brunonia Barry on the Salem Witch Trials, Then and Now

Brunonia Barry, author of The Fifth Petal, joins Signature to discuss the Salem witch trials, their influence on her writing, and their relevance today.


13 Great Young Adult Novels Adults Will Love Too

Not-so-young adults can (and should) read Young Adult literature too. Here are 13 of the best new and upcoming YA books for adults new to the genre.


Your Found-in-Fiction Cautionary Holiday Travel Guide

Holiday travel can no doubt be arduous. These fictional ways of getting around might make you feel a bit more grateful for your trip.