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These Two Undercover Agents Outsmarted the World’s Greatest Con Man

We spoke with the two former undercover FBI agents that caught the world's most charming con man, as well as the writer that documented their adventures.


What We Don’t Know: 5 of the Best FBI Books

It’s become clear to us Americans that there’s so little we actually know about the FBI. Let these books be your guide to the Bureau.


The Internet Pores Over James Baldwin’s 1,884-page FBI File

We're all books in today's Daily Blunt, from James Baldwin and the FBI to a literary love letter. Oh! And we've a touch of quotable ridiculousness as well.


The Worst Spy in Our Country’s History

In The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell, award-winning writer Yudhijit Bhattacharjee uncovers the story of one of the most unlikely spies of all time.


Weekend Reading: The Benefits of Rosemary, Bats, and More

This weekend, learn how to live as long as the residents of Acciaroli, use bats to drive away the Zika Virus, and catch up on the 2012 LinkedIn breach.


Robert Mazur on His Years Hatching a Money Laundering Sting

Robert Mazur, author of The Infiltrator, spent 5 years undercover for U.S. Customs in the '80s as a mob-connected money launderer to drug merchants.