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Neil Gaiman Appearing in the Simpsons’ Annual ‘Treehouse of Terror’

Neil Gaiman is about to make his best cameo yet, courtesy of 'The Simpsons.' This and more in today's Daily Blunt. Read on!


Reading the Major Arcana: 22 Tarot Card-Book Pairings

We tend to find literary inspiration everywhere. Right now? We’re letting the cards of the major arcana guide our reading recommendations.


Empathy Reading: 9 of the Best Novels About Suicide

The tremendous success of the book and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has shown us that there’s a hunger for literary explorations of suicide. Perhaps this is because the world grows more compl


Why Books and Reading Are More Important Than Ever

Will Schwalbe, author of Books for Living, considers why books and reading are more crucial than ever - and offers up a few ideas for what to read next.


3 Things You’ll Always Get with Nathan Englander

Nathan Englander is back with his latest novel, and it delivers in all the ways we’ve come to expect – and adore – from the author.


Wuxia Explained: A Look at Mystery Storytelling Across Cultures

Sherry Thomas, a Chinese-American author, draws on her experience with Chinese and American cultures and delves into wuxia and other writing styles.