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The Art of Picking Protagonists: Why Two Is More and Less Is a Bore

Camilla Grebe, author of The Ice Beneath Her, discusses why two protagonists are better than one, especially when it comes to writing crime fiction.


It’s About Time We Revisit the Story of Clytemnestra, Wife of Agamemnon

In his new novel, House of Names, Colm Toibin revisits the story of Clytemnestra, wife of Agamemnon, heroine for the ages.


Beyond Everything, Everything: The Best Teen Romance Novels

Pick up Everything, Everything or another one of these great teen romance novels to revisit the first flutters of young love.


11 Books That Exhilarate: A Thrilling Kick-Off to Summer

In need of some excitement? Perhaps an adrenaline rush? We compiled a list of great thrillers that you, and everyone you know, should read this summer.


The Essential Ernest Hemingway from Biography to Fiction

We’re kicking off our roundup of essential Ernest Hemingway with a brand-new biography that may be the most comprehensive yet.


How the Senses Come Into Play for Readers and Writers

A reader who believes in a story opens to it, mind and body. Novels have to work harder than films or television dramas to induce this openness; they can’t dismantle defenses with mood music and exp