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Crazy Rich Asians, from Book to Film: An Interview with Kevin Kwan

We caught up with Kevin Kwan, author of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, prior to the movie adaptation hitting theaters to get his thoughts on the film.


What Makes a Story ‘Big’ or ‘Small’?

Janet Benton, author of Lilli de Jong, reflects on Hollywood's tendency to deem stories centering on men "big," and those centering on women "small."


An Introduction to Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Anne Tyler

For those unfamiliar with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anne Tyler and perhaps daunted as to where to begin, here’s a list of some of her best works.


Keith Gessen's A Terrible Country: Finding Yourself in 2008 Russia

Andrei of Keith Gessen's A Terrible Country deals with things we all deal with: Self-actualization, identity crises, and the like — but he's in 2008 Russia.


11 Books You’ve Been Meaning to Read This Year to Take to the Beach

We've decided that beach reading is for the books you've been meaning to read, but haven't gotten to yet. If these are still on your list, get to it.


‘Till Death Do Us Part: 9 Books About Family Secrets and Their Aftermath

It's entertaining when it's not happening to you: These nine novels examine the dark side of family life, when secrets long buried are unearthed.