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Lit Undisclosed: 3 Novels Driven by Deep Secrets

None of us are strangers to secrecy, right? Three new novels are shaped and shift around big secrets living at the core of the plot.


10 Must-read Nonfiction Books for the Fiction Fan

We’re looking at ten fabulous contemporary novels – and the perfect nonfiction books readers should turn to for their next great read.


Fitness Fiction: 7 Novels That Are Almost as Good as Cardio

Looking for a good work of fitness fiction? Check out one of these novels to inspire, entertain, or motivate you in the gym or out.


On Motherhood and Disappearance: An Interview with Janelle Brown

Signature spoke with Janelle Brown, author of Watch Me Disappear, about complex female characters, motherhood, and the stories we tell about ourselves.


The Essential Elements of a Romance Novel Hero

He doesn’t have to be rich and powerful. He doesn’t have to be tall and dark. He doesn’t even have to be handsome, although to the right woman – or man – the light of his smile is everything


All of Sophie Kinsella’s Writing Secrets Right Here

Well, maybe not all of them - but we’ve got the one that might matter the most. Read on for this and more from Sophie Kinsella.