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Loads of Laughs: All the Best Funny Books You Need Now

Stressful times got you down? To help us all over the hump of these uncertain times, we’ve pulled together a ton of funny books to get the dopamine going.


South of the Mediterranean: The Best Books on Libya

As we continue to bring you the best books to learn about oft-misunderstood nations, we look at the North African nation of Libya.


The Many Shapes of Music in Fiction, from Kunzru to Murakami

Kunzru and Murakami appreciate the power of song and acknowledge that music often exists in a space where certainty is hard to come by.


City Beats: 5 of the Best Books On Music and New York City

From Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad to Hari Kunzru's White Tears, these works of fiction meld the world of music with that of New York City.


10 Books to Understand the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As one of the most controversial conflicts in the world, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a complex one with valid arguments rising from both sides.


The Sharp Horn of Africa: Best Books on Somalia

Somalia is home to a complex history and a richly storied people. Here are the best books to understand Somalia and its population.