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How My Psychological Thriller Became a Teen Slasher Movie

Author Tom Savage discusses his novel Valentine being transformed from psychological thriller to teen slasher movie when it was adapted to film in 2001.


‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’: The Journey From Page to Screen

Author Peter Turner discusses the long and winding road his memoir, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, has taken on its way to the big screen.


Jay Chandrasekhar on How to Become a Better Filmmaker: Learn to Edit

Jay Chandrasekhar (director, writer, actor, and author of Mustache Shenanigans) describes why all filmmakers should learn how to edit their own footage.


The Science Behind Earworms, Blockbusters, and Bestsellers

Derek Thompson, author of Hit Makers, joined Signature to discuss his book Hit Makers, about what it takes to make a hit in today's cultural market.


Blake Crouch's Bestselling Dark Matter is Making its Way to the Screen

We're thrilled (but not surprised) by the news that Blake Crouch's bestselling thriller, Dark Matter, is making its way to the screen.


The Story Behind MGM’s 1962 Flop ‘Escape From East Berlin’

Greg Mitchell, author of The Tunnels, discusses the failed 1962 MGM drama "Escape from East Berlin" and its poorly timed release date.