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Film’s 10 Most Iconic Dresses: A Look at Cinematic Fashion

Jane L. Rosen knows the power of the right dress and shared with Signature her picks for the ten most iconic from film.


Beyond the Mockingbird: A Reader’s Guide to Gregory Peck

We’ve compiled a list of Gregory Peck's greatest films, and the books they were based on, to help you mark the occasion of his 100th birthday.


Tough Guys and Daring Dames: 10 Essentials of 1950s Noir

The 1950s served as a great decade for noir cinema. Where to begin to watch the best? We’ve got you covered.


Revisiting the Burden of Rudyard Kipling’s Legacy, 150 Years On

Writer-illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets Rudyard Kipling's legacy on his 150th birthday.


Violence, Race, and Language in Quentin Tarantino’s Life and Scripts

Nathan Gelgud illustrates the complexity of Quentin Tarantino's language in his movie scripts and in real life.


Alan Sepinwall on the Best Shows of 2015 and TV’s New Era

Alan Sepinwall, author of The Revolution Was Televised, joins us to chat about TV storytelling, and the shows that made a huge impression on him this year.