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How I Transitioned from Writing Screenplays to Writing Fiction

Hart Hanson, author of The Driver, shares the differences between screenwriting and fiction writing, and how he translated his skills to become a novelist.


Chasing Kevin Bacon: Julie Klam on Hunting Her First Celebrity Crush

Julie Klam, author of The Stars in Our Eyes, explores the fascination we have with celebrities through the lens of her childhood obsession with Kevin Bacon.


The Making of ‘Thelma & Louise’: How Callie Khouri Stuck to Her Guns

'Thelma & Louise' would be an entirely different film had screenwriter Callie Khouri not stuck to her guns. Here's why it's still so worth watching today.


‘Kill her, Mommy! Kill her!’: A Queer Take on ‘Friday the 13th’

Nick White, author of How to Survive a Summer, looks back on watching the 1980 version of 'Friday the 13th' with his mother, and the film's queerness.


How My Psychological Thriller Became a Teen Slasher Movie

Author Tom Savage discusses his novel Valentine being transformed from psychological thriller to teen slasher movie when it was adapted to film in 2001.


‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’: The Journey From Page to Screen

Author Peter Turner discusses the long and winding road his memoir, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, has taken on its way to the big screen.