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Breaking News: Emma Frost to Adapt John Elder Robison's Switched On

Focus Features has teamed with producer Don Handfield’s company, Motor, to acquire the rights to Switched On, with Emma Frost to adapt.


These Popular ‘Universal Monsters’ Came to Life on the Big Screen

These monsters, born in books, have endured and achieved universal recognition thanks to movies that brought them to life for mass audiences.


Filmic Joan Didion: On the Writer and ‘The Center Will Not Hold’

The upcoming Netflix documentary, "Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold," will be released on October 27th. Here's a brief look at Joan's legendary life.


‘Game of Thrones’ Star Shares Her Harvey Weinstein Story

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey is one of the latest to speak up against Harvey Weinstein, sharing her disturbing and heartbreaking story via Twitter.


Actors and Actresses Who Write, From Tom Hanks to Molly Ringwald

The release of Tom Hanks's Uncommon Type has us mining through the archives for other notable books published by actors like Molly Ringwald and more.


A 7-Book Literary Guide to Cinema and Hollywood

Dip into the back catalog of cinema with these seven books and educate yourself on how the world of film has changed over the decades.