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What’s Cooking: The Importance of Food in Life and in Writing

Stacey Ballis, author of How to Change a Life, writes about the importance of food in everyday life, and the joys of working it into her fiction.


Food As More Than Sustenance: Everyone Has a Food Story to Tell

In her new book What She Ate, culinary historian Laura Shapiro makes the argument that food is worth more than just its taste: it is a part of who we are.


Delectable Destinations: The Best Ice Cream Spots Across America

Amy Ettinger traveled across the U.S. to try all types of ice cream for her book, Sweet Spot. Here are three of her favorite flavors and where to find them.


À La Carte: Hannah Tunnicliffe’s Menu for Novelists in 9 Haikus

Hannah Tunnicliffe, author of A French Wedding, shares a menu for her fellow book-and-food lovers in the form of 9 haikus.


The Bottom Line on the Problem with Farmed Salmon

Think of salmon as the last great wild food in North America and a deep connection to our hunter-gatherer past. Sure, shrimp and tuna are also wild (when they’re not farmed), and along with salmon a


Go Green: 6 Ways Eating More Greens Will Make the World a Better Place

Healthy eating starts with more greens. Here are a few reasons to think beyond the salad bowl and begin cooking with the leafy stuff.