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Series to Start Now: Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret Mysteries

With more than fifty of George Simenon's novels available and translated, there’s no better time to explore the streets of Paris with Inspector Maigret.


Steeped in Tradition: Best Books to Understand Haiti’s Past and Present

Haitian history is defined by turmoil and upheaval. These books provide an opening view into the fascinating world of Haitian literature.


Histoires d’Amour: Love As A Neverending Story

The author of Parisian Charm School discovers why the French may not relate to American lovers' fantasy of "happily ever after."


An American Pastry Chef Exposes the Delights and Disasters of Paris Life

David Lebovitz's new book L'Appart will give you a realistic yet appealing view of what life as a Parisian is really like.


An Author and His Editor Meet in France; Fiction, Reminiscing Ensue

Jonathan Segal, Vice President and Senior Editor of Knopf, joined his longtime author Martin Walker in the Dordogne region of France to talk Bruno and more.


We’ll Always Love You, Henri Matisse, Fauvism Be Damned

Henri Matisse made a name for himself through his use of color – and it’s not the only reason we’re still talking about him today.