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No One Is Born Hating: 2 Leaders and the Words We Needed Most

Barack Obama tweeted a quote from Nelson Mandela and it became the most popular tweet of all time. We couldn't help but to illustrate it.


There’s a Reason Demagogues Despise Books

Michelle Kuo recounts the experience of reading with an inmate and friend in an Arkansas County Jail and the connections to the need for literacy.


Churchill and Orwell Raise a Glass in Heaven: A Short Play on Freedom

Though Churchill and Orwell were never acquainted in their lifetimes, they finally get to know one another over a drink in the afterlife in this short play by Thomas Ricks.


Revisiting the Ideals in FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech

FDR's Four Freedoms proposed all people should enjoy freedom of speech, religion, want, and freedom from fear. Today, we still struggle to meet its demands.


Alexandra Curry on the Lives of ‘Marriage Resisters’ in China

Alexandra Curry, author of The Courtesan, writes about the unique story of 'marriage resisters' in China, women who assert their independence against Confucian norms.