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Oscar Wilde’s Role in the Reform That Put Women in Trousers

Women in pants? Who first argued for such a thing?! Unsurprisingly Oscar Wilde was an advocate. This and more in today's Daily Blunt!


Winter’s Next Dozen: The Best Post-Game of Thrones Books for Fans

With HBO’s 'GoT' bringing its penultimate season to a close, here are twelve post-Game of Thrones books for fans of the series.


WNYC Makes Case for Why Men Should Read Romance Novels

Romance novels for men? Indeed, says WNYC and Curtis Sittenfeld. We're looking at this, the results of 'Game of Thrones' hacks, and more.


Game Changer: Jon Snow’s Fur Cape Is Actually Just a Rug From Ikea

An IKEA-sourced costume for Jon Snow? It's true! Get this and more of what's on our minds in today's Daily Blunt. Read on!


Weirdly, ‘Game of Thrones’ Leak Not Traced to Recent HBO Hack

A surprise turn of events regarding the 'Game of Thrones' leak, a chillingly interesting piece of real estate for you to consider, and more.


Trailer: ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Will Be This Year’s Hottest Gay Affair

The trailer for adaptation of Call Me By Your Name implies the filmmakers have done the book proud. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.