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The 67th Emmy Nominations: A Look at the Literary Side

The Emmy Nominations were announced today and good news for the literary-minded among us.


Nerd Approved: June's Biggest Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror News

We've rounded up all your must-knows - from Tom Holland to 'The Stand' to 'Scream' - to help keep your finger on the pulse.


Raised Eyebrows: Rob Zombie to Direct Groucho Marx Biopic

We're going from Rob Zombie to FIFA to Chloe Sevigny to 'Game of Thrones' - all in today's Daily Blunt. Brace yourself.


Summer Dream: Fantasy Travel Packages We Wish Existed

Welcome to Signature's Summer 2015 roundup of the best in fantasy travel.


First Look at Jared Leto in Full Joker Tattoo Costume

Jared Leto is unleashing his Joker self, the Mary Sue takes a stand against 'Game of Thrones,' and more in our Daily Blunt.


Brooklyn Bar Gets in Hot Water with HBO Over 'Game of Thrones' Screenings

Also in your Daily Blunt: two horror icons to duke it out in 2017, plus a new trailer for "The Little Prince."