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Emily Esfahani Smith on Trying Selflessness on For Size

Emily Esfahani Smith, author of The Power of Meaning, says if you're turning within to find meaning in life, you're going the wrong way.


For a Meaningful Life, Take a Page Out of George Eliot’s Book

"That things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been," wrote George Eliot, "is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life."


Who Was George Eliot, Really?

Did you know that George Eliot was a pen name for – gasp! – a woman? And that wasn’t the only thing the Middlemarch author was doing against the grain.


The Enduring Appeal of ‘Middlemarch’ Author George Eliot

“The trick of Dickens," wrote Jonathan Lethem, "is that it is only easy to say what he wasn’t. Basically, he wasn’t George Eliot.”


Rebecca Mead Reflects on Her Life in Middlemarch

Rebecca Mead's new book My Life in Middlemarch reveals the personal impact of a novel over decades.


Rebecca Mead on Living and Learning Within the World of Your Favorite Book

Rebecca Mead, author of My Life in Middlemarch, shares how George Eliot's writing influenced her and what the work taught her about herself, speaking to how literature can be your most faithful and enduring companion.