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Churchill and Orwell Raise a Glass in Heaven: A Short Play on Freedom

Though Churchill and Orwell were never acquainted in their lifetimes, they finally get to know one another over a drink in the afterlife in this short play by Thomas Ricks.


Essential Reading for Teens (and Everyone) in the Year 2017

A teenager asked our Lisa Rosman what to read in this age of Trump. Here are the books she recommended – an essential list for teens and adults alike.


14 Authors Quoted by Timothy Snyder in On Tyranny

The enclosed quotes reveal just how much we can count on past thinkers to show us where to go (or where not to) from here.


Books and the Bully Pulpit: What the World Is Reading and Why

These seventeen books – some classic, some contemporary, some brand new – are finding a new kind of life in this bizarre and broken political climate.


Times Like These: How and Why Books and Politics Intersect

At a time when the national dialogue is consumed and divided by politics more than ever, books are rising to the forefront of the conversation.


Beyond Orwell: 11 Illuminating Quotes From the Canon of Dystopia

George Orwell is suddenly, understandably en vogue, but he isn't the only author to spell out increasingly dire (and prescient) futures for mankind.