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Future Tense: 10 Books on Technology Run Amok

As technology evolves beyond human understanding, we turn to literature for cold comfort and spooky hunches about what's to come.


Dispatches From Burma: 8 Best Books On Myanmar

It may be impossible to appreciate the heart and soul of Burmese culture from afar, but these titles will help set you on your journey.


The Homeless Are Human, Too: 10 Books to Understand Homelessness

Most of Hollywood tends to drop the ball when it comes to issues of homelessness. These ten books help readers to properly empathize this important issue.


Before 1984: The Best of Broadway’s Brouhaha Through the Years

The folks on Broadway have been pushing the envelope for decades, inspiring controversy and protest on the Great White Way and beyond.


1984’s Winston Is No Fluke: On the Mutual Respect of Churchill and Orwell

This conversation with Thomas Ricks, the bestselling author of Churchill and Orwell, delves into a long-distance mutual admiration and more.


1984 on Broadway May Make You Sick – Literally

As we kick off this midsummer week, we're looking at the new production of 1984, the TSA's intentions with literature, and more.