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Broaden Your Horizons: 11 Best Books on Theology to Read Now

These 11 enlightening books explore different perspectives on religion and spirituality, and look at the impact of these beliefs on lives around the world.


7 of the Best Books On the Line Between Religion and Science

These 7 books on religion and science gently expand the boundaries of your convictions -- whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or somewhere in between.


The Role of the Bible in Donald Trump’s Tool Belt

Is Donald Trump brandishing the Bible consciously or unconsciously? Richard Smoley discusses how the book is like a talisman in the hands of Donald Trump.


The Big Picture: Life, Meaning, and the Universe (Illustrated)

In The Big Picture, Sean Carroll helps explain complex scientific scenarios with pop culture and philosophy, with examples from Captain Kirk to Descartes.


An Interview with Barbara Ehrenreich on the Mysteries and Meanings of Life

Nickel and Dimed author Barbara Ehrenreich joins us to discuss her unlikely new book Living With a Wild God, on her search for higher meaning in a world polarized by science and faith.


Q&A: Deep Thoughts with Alom Shaha, Author of “The Young Atheist’s Handbook”

“The Young Atheist’s Handbook” is the story of how Alom Shaha came to ditch the Koran, quit attending mosque, and grew into a thoughtful non-believer. A mixture of memoir, research, philosophy, and the ponderance of life’s big questions, the book is a clear-eyed, inquisitive, deeply humane examination of how Shaha -- and a growing number of global citizens -- came to follow the path of atheism. He joins us here for a conversation about many of the the ideas raised in the book.