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Gore Shock: Will Netflix Shelve Kevin Spacey’s Biopic?

Spacey's stock goes down at Netflix, Sarah Polley's star continues to rise, and much more in our news roundup! Welcome to the Daily Blunt.


Fans Freak Over Dark Tower Run Time; All Killer, No Filler Says King

The 95-minute run time of 'The Dark Tower' is causing some fans concern. This, Kevin Spacey as Gore Vidal, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Writers Are Self-Loathing: 50 Writers on Writers, in Fiction

Author Ben Blatt attests that writers are self-loathing, and has the data to prove it. Here are 50 writers on writers, from Stephen King to Edith Wharton.


Before ‘Miss Sloane’: 10 Best Movies About Insider Politics

'Miss Sloane' isn't the first movie to take the goings-on of politics in D.C. to Hollywood. Check out these ten best movies that do just that.


Gore Vidal and the Surprise (Literary) Album Drop of 1968

The release of Gore Vidal's Myra Breckinridge in 1968 was the equivalent of today's surprise album drop. Its subject, of course, was also ahead of its time.


Jay Parini’s New Biography of Gore Vidal Was 30 Years in the Making

Jay Parini's new biography of Gore Vidal, Empire of Self, is an honest and beautifully told story of the life of an author, screenwriter, and TV personality