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Revisit Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People Adaptation

Today's Daily Blunt is taking us from a moment in the career of Mary Tyler Moore to Iceman's first kiss with a man. Indeed, we've got you gamut covered.


Cast the Web: 5 Spider-Man Storylines Perfect for Film

As Marvel’s Spider-Man makes its way to the big screen, let’s look at a few Spider-Man storylines that are perfect for adaptation.


Review: 'Sin City 2' Worth Exploring, Probably Not Worth Killing For

'Sin City 2' is now in theaters -- so how do Jessica Alba, Robert Rodgriquez, and all the rest measure up to the first one? Read on.


From Zombies to History: A Q&A with Max Brooks

As Max Brooks’ new novel, The Harlem Hellfighters, lands in stores, we caught up with the author to talk zombies, history, and more.


Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff on Lessons Learned with Honest Tea

Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff, the cofounders of Honest Tea and authors of Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently -- and Succeeding, share the secrets to an honest business and successful partnership.


Signature Recommends: Dotter of her Father’s Eyes by Mary M. Talbot and Bryan Talbot

The intensely inventive graphic memoir Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes takes its title from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and its inspiration from Joyce’s daughter, Lucia. The themes of the book are brought to life brilliantly through the hybridity of words and pictures.